Make It Easy To Attract New Users

Complexity is a major challenge impeding greater DeFi adoption. At present, protocols either lack content, or their existing content is overly complex and best-suited for existing community members. Having a strong content marketing strategy entails the consistent sharing of informative and digestible content and ensuring that it's actually seen, in turn drawing in new users.

End-to-End Marketing Solution For DeFi Protocols

We offer an array of services that help you stand out.

Content Marketing for DeFi Protocols

DeFi content marketing is different, for reasons such as pseudonymity, content complexity, advertisement restrictions, and global demographics. Don’t leave it to guesswork - we’ve figured it out.

Content Writing for DeFi Protocols

Put out high-quality content on a regular basis that readers actually understand. Make it clear why you’re unique and a community worth joining.

SEO Optimization for DeFi Protocols

Consumers don’t search “on/off ramps”, they search “how to buy crypto”. We’ll figure out what users are actually searching for, and how they find you. We consider search volume, competitor data, backlinks, keyword rankings, and more in order to build up an SEO foundation in preparation for the next wave.

Marketing Strategy for DeFi Protocols

We understand the industry thoroughly and what sets projects apart. We can help with brand positioning, content strategy, marketing channels, graphics, data analysis, and much more. Book a free call with us and we can share some ideas right off the bat.

PR Distribution for DeFi Protocols

Good content is useless if unseen. Although we help you to maximize your content’s reach, paid distribution can complement organic reach and provide a high-quality backlink. We only work with the best, and we know their respective impressions-per-post, geographical zones, viewer knowledge levels, and cost. We’ll recommend you the optimal outlet.

How Do We Differentiate?

  • Deep Knowledge:

    Most marketers can't explain crypto-collateralized stablecoins, let alone can break down the intricacies of concentrated liquidity or oracle architectures for the common reader.

  • Made For DeFi:

    We are a DeFi Centric Marketing Company and dedicate all our time to working for the niche audience, which includes attending DeFi events, networking with the community, and sitting on top of trends. We share the latest ideas and industry developments, making sure you're ahead of the curve.

  • Bridging Both Worlds:

    With both extensive business experience and deep technical knowledge, we know how to bridge both worlds. Complexity is a key barrier to adoption, but we break things down clearly and concisely.

Frequently Asked Questions

Content marketing entails the consistent sharing of content that’s both valuable and relevant to a clearly defined audience. By providing informative content that reaches one’s audience, content marketing can be leveraged to monetize marketing efforts.

Core objectives include:
• Building brand awareness and trust.
• Improving search engine rankings.
• Driving profitable customer actions.

Content marketing tends to have a better return on investment (ROI) than traditional marketing but may take longer to achieve.

You'll notice that most Web3 Marketing Companies popped up during the bull market and focused on marketing NFTs, ICOs, etc., which were all trending at the time.

While we are niched down to Defi only because of our passion for the space and not the trending charts.

We can see the real value it could bring to the world and notice that the Defi space is often taken for granted due to its sheer complexity. This is why we chimed in.

Our expertise in the space enables us to understand complex ideas and how to break them down for your existing audience and get in front of new people. Which ultimately helps your brand outshine the competition.

There’s a lot of overlap between regular content marketing and DeFi content marketing, but also a lot of differences.

For example, user pseudonymity, content complexity, a ban on advertisements, and global demographics.

Each has implications, such as pseudonymity, meaning that email marketing is not feasible, and data analytics is more challenging.

We also work with blockchain foundations, non-custodial wallets, and similar projects in the space. If you have any doubts, feel free to reach out, and we’ll let you know if we’re a fit.